We are making a new bus game simulator

with a huge passion for this kind of transportation

MEP, our founder, wanted to create a bus game or simulator since a long time ago. By that time there were no bus simulator on the market, people played with bus mods in GTA San Andreas or in truck games. But it was very hard learning how to model and how to code the game. The desire never died. With lots of difficulties, we are here, making it now. There are plenty of bus games out there, of course. Proton Bus may be seen as just one more. We don't think this way. Each game is unique, each project has its own merits and pitfalls. Proton Bus has many innovative features, like having a truly free version for PC (others are all to buy) and bus modding support on Android. This is very rare to find!

Making a game is not easy...

...but neither it is impossible!

Making a bus simulator from scratch involves a lot of persistense, dedication and study of many tools available for this task. For several years we've been watching tutorials and getting crazy before making a single button to work. This project's idea has been around since 2014! It got a huge speedup in 2016 with daily work. Now we have a huge progress, but still there are many things to come. Every week a new part of the internal system is made. It's not a dream anymore nor an empty promise. It's already a reality.

Imagine it in a few years...

... if within a few months we got here!

We plan a Brazilian bus simulator inspired by some big cities starting with São Paulo, with lots of realistic and detailed buses available for the player. And better, with bus modding support! Many of existing bus mods projects could be converted to Proton. Multiplatform, even better... Play it on PC with Windows, Mac or Linux, or on your Android phone or tablet!

Despite being a Brazilian project, we think globally. There will be some maps or cities inspired by the style of other cities around the world. With the bus modding support, we may have lots of different buses made by the community. That's awesome!

It is very rare to find a really great bus game :(

and it's not difficult to find why!

No huge company would create a bus game. Do you know why? Because it does not sell much like other genres. This kind of game is made by those who love buses or public transportation systems in real life. A passion, a hobby, a love. From enthusiast to enthusiast. It must be made with love. But... With the high development costs and time needed, without any sponsorship it's impossible making it. Developers need many continuous months of hard work, and also money to pay the bills or time, buy new hardware and 3D models with freelancers or artists to speed up the development. It is necessary editing it every single day, as a job. You may help us with this, did you know?

Become a donor, sponsor, or a client if you like it!

with a few bucks of each fan, we could get there!

Time and persistense we have. Lots of willpower are already here. Knowledge we earn every day. We need only some amount of money to support the development process. We must buy new hardware and 3D assets, pay artists and also the bills, since we spend a lot of time making this we cannot work on many traditional jobs at the same time. Since no huge company puts game in this project as of today, we need the support of our most engaged fans. Putting it together this game progress much faster.

Support us right now

and grant access to the finished game in the future!

Joining all these payments we could make incredible things. Choose the option that fits better for you. The annual one is the cheapest one, but it expires by the end of the related period of time. Lifetime payment generally is better, you pay once and play it forever until the end of life of the project, in some years.

Every cent will be devoted to the developers to make it possible creating this simulator (deducting legal taxes and fees, of course). The progress you see each update.

Depending on where you pay, the activation process is a little bit different. Generally you will receive the game's password by e-mail, at the same address used in the payment gateway (Paypal, PagSeguro or Mercado Pago). Except for the Google Play Store, where activation is immediate on the same device (read more below). For other payments methods, please wait up to working days. If you did not receive it, send us a message at atendimento@viamep.com with the payment data so we may check what went wrong. Payments made in weekends may be replied by the beginning of the next week.